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Las Vegas, NV

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Welcome to SmartandPowerful.com, a blog that helps empower women to live their best lives. I’m Katie, a Stay At Home Mom. Well, that’s what I tell people.  But on a daily basis I’m a chef, driver, maid, homeschooler, personal shopper, gardener, crafter, financial advisor, personal trainer, beginner carpenter, handy woman, home designer, nurse, project manager, farmer, landscaper, real estate investor, babysitter, soccer player, bingo player, wife, mom, and friend. I believe that being a strong, independent woman means learning, growing and challenging oneself.   I also believe that I (and everyone else) have unlimited potential and that I would be wasting that potential if I didn’t spend my time learning new things and improving myself. I want to share those things that I have learned and will continue to learn with you.  I hope that you will learn and grow with me so that we can all live up to our full potential.