How I Found My Calling In Life

Recently something big happened.  I found my purpose, or calling, in life.  Here’s how it happened: My Past Struggle- When… Read More

The Top 10 Reasons Every Adult Should Play A Sport

Top 10 Reasons Every Adult Should Play A Sport

The Top 10 Reasons Every Adult Should Play A Sport: If you’re like me, getting yourself to go to the… Read More

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An Introduction to Personal Growth

Choosing to learn and grow for an exciting and happier life

I started this blog with the intent of sharing what I have learned in my life and to help women… Read More

Teach Your Children The True Meaning Of Christmas With A Service Elf

Teach your children the true meaning of Christmas with a Service Elf

Every year before Christmas time I try and think of ways to teach my children the true meaning of Christmas. … Read More

Where to Buy Craft Foam for 1/3 of the Price of Craft Stores

Where to buy craft foam for 1/3 of the price of craft stores

All over pinterest there are great DIY ideas for upholstered headboards, ottomans, benches, and outdoor couches.  It seems like a… Read More

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5 Natural Beauty Products that Really Work!

5 Natural Beauty Products that Really Work

I often see claims of natural beauty products doing all kinds of amazing things on Pinterest.  Since they are cheaper (and better for… Read More

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  The information on this blog is for information purposes only and no guarantees are made concerning the accuracy, reliability,… Read More

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Teach Your Child to Read in 5 Easy Steps!

Teach Your Child to Read in 5 Easy Steps

This is my daughter, Rylie. Rylie knew all the letters and their sounds when she was only 1 year old.  She… Read More

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7 Secrets to a More Productive Vegetable Garden

  Right now my vegetable garden is going crazy! I live in the desert and we haven’t had rain for a… Read More

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A Beginner’s Guide To Vegetable Gardening

A beginner's guid to vegetable gardening - Everything you need to know to get started!

People are always surprised to find out that I have a very successful vegetable garden at my home in Las… Read More

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